Belvedere Art Space


Nour & Aal in the Gallery

Belvedere Art Space is a contemporary art gallery representing international artists from around the globe.  The gallery was founded in 2018 with a flagship location in Beirut, Lebanon and has recently  opened a second location in Al Khayat Avenue, Al Quoz – Dubai – the heart of Dubai’s artistic centre. Inspired by the bold and bright, BAS represents a roster of established and emerging contemporary artists who are already collected and making headlines all over the world.   The gallery’s collector database is steadily growing and these artists’ works are joining the collections of collectors all over the Middle Eastern region. 

Alongside the expressive roster of mixed media artists, BAS’s specialty lies in curating artwork for  collectors that complements their style and brings joy and life into their homes. The gallery has also had the pleasure of working alongside businesses in the likes of  Galerie Lafayete and La Cantine Du Faubourg with exciting collaborations for curating permanent collections for the COYA group in  Dubai and Abu Dhabi. An important part of the gallery’s  programming also lies within relationships with institutions, working towards curating meaningful and thoughtful exhibitions that not only showcase artwork & artists but give space for education, awareness and discourse.

Belvedere Art Space provides insight into the world of international contemporary art for both seasoned collectors and art enthusiasts alike by hosting and curating an extensive yearly exhibition program  

Meet the Founders | Aal Chammaa & Nour Jarmakani

As interior designers, interior architecture entrepreneurs and art curation and investment specialists, Nour and Aal work towards building a conversation around collecting, curating and investing in artwork and artists that they believe in and care about both aesthetically and as a short term and long term investment.

Merging their education and love for contemporary art with their extensive experience as interior designers, Aal Chammaa and Nour Jarmakani founded Belvedere Art Space because they felt a void for this type of contemporary art in the region.Their specialty lies in curating artwork for collectors that not only has a promising investment value but also complements their style and taste bringing joy and life into their homes.   


With a new year looking bright, BAS’s ambitions are only propelled by the community support that  has been endlessly provided and a fast growing collector base.  Nour and Aal are excited to work on new projects, refreshing exhibition programming, new art and artists and bigger spaces!