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Lino Lago

Lino Lago shares his life between Lithuania and Spain. He graduated from the Fine Arts University of Madrid Complutense University, painting section. Lino Lago has always been a painter. From an early age, he dedicates himself to his vocation. When he returned to university, he was deeply shocked by the idea of the «death» of painting, which has spread over twenty years in contemporary art. Since then he has been tirelessly questioning his status as an artist and his production. The exhibition “Masterpieces”, brings together two series of works by the artist. The first «Fake Abstract» confronts the minimalism of a monochrome with a detail of a masterpiece. The overlay is unveiled by the trace of a child’s finger that would have erased the second layer of paint, revealing a look, a mouth. With a humor that borders on the absurd, Lino puts in tension the concept of beauty, in the aesthetic sense of the term. On the one hand, the canon sought by the classic masters takes hold of the woman and brush it in details until splendor, on the other the modernism of the 1970s seeks beauty in an «art that excludes the superfluous «(Carl André). This juxtaposition creates a vibratory effect and raises the question of what beauty is today. Lino Lago seems to be accompanied by the works of the old masters to understand and apprehend contemporary issues. As if asking us to reconsider them, he paints them through a keyhole, creating a whole new attraction. This fragmentation of the portrait opens our eyes to multiple interpretations.

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  • Fake Abstract


    Oil on linen

    134 x 114 cm