Belvedere Art Space

Orlanda Broom

Contemporary Artist specialising in Landscape and Abstract paintings

Orlanda Broom studied in Barcelona and completed an MA awarded by Winchester School of Art in 1997. Orlanda lived abroad for a number of years before returning to London where her studio is now based. Her work has been selected for Threadneedle Prize, National Open Art Competition, Griffin Gallery Open and the RA Summer Exhibition and is shown regularly in the UK and internationally. Densely layered and vibrant, Orlanda Broom’s paintings are initially seductive; rich colour is further saturated with a glass-like resin finish. As the composition emerges and the eye travels around the painting, subtle painting techniques emerge. She uses varied mediums that enhance this idea of things emerging and changing – glazes, metallic and glittering pigments shift and reflect with the changing light in which the painting is viewed.

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