Fragmented Landscapes

The images constructed for ‘Fragmented Landscapes’ are mainly built up of elements inspired by nature, with flowers and plants representing harmony and the continuous cycle of life. These references are intercepted by the barbed wire, used as a reminder of man, and the skull as an indicator of mortality. This fusion of natural and manmade elements is echoed by textures of wood and water being interspersed with fluorescent colors and gold leafing in a subtle suggestion of everything coming together.With each work presented in a grid-like format, the series sees Baldwin work in a more structured way to previous collections,

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Grand Opening

Belvedere Art Space welcomes you to its grand opening. Artists on view: FLORE DOC James Verbicky Poren Huang Ismael Lagares Olivia Steele America Martine Charles Patrick Anthony Hunter Lene Kilde Lino Lago

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